Integral Yoga

A highly engaging animated motion graphic presentation of the fundamental ideas and underlying geometry behind the knowledge and process of Integral Yoga. It gives a broad overview of psychology, cosmology and transformational practice of Integral Yoga leading towards psychic, spiritual and supramental transformation.

DVD available from:

Inside India
International orders – Soft copy download

Script & Direction: Manoj Pavitran – Auroville
Visualisation & 3D Motion Graphics Animation: Hemant Shekhar – Auroville
Music : Arnab B Chowdhury / Ninād and team from Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Voice: Anuradha Majumdar – – Auroville and Ravishankar
Subtitles: available in 8 languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Duration: 50 minutes

The video can also be enjoyed as a musical meditative audio visual experience without the voice over.

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