Evolution Fast-forward

An Auroville-produced video about the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, done entirely using computer motion graphics. It presents the evolutionary crisis, the two negations and the synthesis of Consciousness and Force. For those who already know about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother the video provides a contemporary way of presenting their teachings. For the new generation who may not know about these two visionaries, the narrative style of the video using universal symbols makes their vision and world view easy to access.
The film has duration of 22 minutes and is available as DVD in PAL format.

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Thank you for this. I just returned from one-week symposium in SACAR on Evolutionary Crisis. And I see this film, it helps us to root the Truth in our minds. Sri Aurobindo's concept of evolution of consciousness has to be our science, our reality. We should accept that we are not bodies but Souls, which travel through lives for only one purpose of His manifestation.
Good work all,
Love, Shakti

that's a fantastic job manoj. the visuals are in par with the original concept.

Thank you,
it's very beautiful. My compliments.

Warm reagards,

Manuela Schliessner

Deeply moving...


Beautifully rendered visuals, music, voice over - a moving adaption of Sri Aurobindo's evolution of consciosness + force. Thank you for the privilege.

Fantastic job guys. We need more of these video!!

The Crisis ends here and Supermind sets in move. Your production is the beautiful sample. Congrats to all the supermind behind this tremendous work towards a great leap.

Hearty Congratulations Manoj! The selection from Sri Aurobindo is precise and poignant. To be able to make a selection from such a vast plethora of literary wisdom is itself a commendable feat. The rendering too is beautiful, one that would be so acceptable to the modern contemporary mind. This should become a teaching-learning resource for all schools. Please continue to make more such short meaningful films!

a great, precious work, the result of true sadhana

Well scripted and directed! Only problem...the visual are a bit too fast.
Looking forward to Part 2.
All the best,
ananda reddy

Arnab- you have done a wonderful job. Congrats to you and your team Ninad

Really beautiful... every second of it.

What a wonderful video! The graphics is clearly made by highly skilled professionals. A great tool to introduce Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's teaching.

Hi Manoj mama.. Liked the video.. would like to talk to you about it sometime !!

This video has allayed a lot of troubled thoughts in my inquisitive mind. I now understand that it is not through reasonings & logic, but through inner silence, one can understand the true purpose of life & its' mysteries. This video has been a guiding light towards developing consciousness. I eagerly look forward to the next part.

It's beautiful
and surely taking us to the true meaning of Purna Yoga. We have forwarded the link to our all ( more than 5,000 ) members and strongly recommended to purchase one from your online store.

Evolution and life are taking us towards the perfection and God means perfection........that's the true
meaning of God and all sciences and knowledge.....Astu !

Our Best Wishes are with your team...!
- From : Sadhana Study Circle, New Jersey, USA.

The commentary in the video is like Mantras making a great impact while listening. Everything in the video is par excellence and above all it helps to lift the pressure from thinking mind. My heartiest congratulations on this master piece

Beautiful! Thanks for bringing it to us.

This was Par-Excellence both in Graphic and selection of Commentary. Especially the commentary was like Mantras that was very soothing to the mind and experiencing vastness and coolness while seeing as all the time it is with brain that we are looking at solution and here was an assurance of something beyond mind that is the relief.

I truly appreciated every word and sound that went into making such brlliant piece of work. One is reminded to look at the bigger picture, which makes our petty issues of daily living so meaningless.
Congratulations to the makers of this video. Look forward to next one,

I truly appreciated all aspects of the video, the sound, the words....Briiliant piece of work.
It makes one realize that one has to look at the bigger picture and not be caught up on petty issues we encounter in this life. Thank you. Congratulations to the makers of the video. I look forward to the next one.

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