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Secret Knowledge - 2

Secret Knowledge is a series of two meditations on Sri Aurobindo's symbol.


Sri Aurobindo's symbol is a world in itself,

the more you dwell on it the more it reveals;

it is at once a symbol and dynamic power in action.

It is not enough that the symbol is intellectually understood,

it has to be lived, it has to be brought into one's life and physical movements.

The Square

Duration: 2.28 minutes


Exploring the links between Square, Light, conversion of energy into mass mediated by light, nādabindu - the source of pulsating ripples in light, the colour wheel, Mother's symbol and the emerging lotus of creation.
It is meant only as a meditative journey, each viewer is likely to understand in their own unique way and all meanings are equally good and right for the viewer at that point of time. There is no one right way of understanding this short video.



Manoj Pavithran

Visualisation & 3D Motion Graphics Animation

Hemant Shekhar


Arnab B Chowdhury / Ninād​


Bryce Grinlington

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