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Duration: 66 minutes

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This film traces the spiritual evolution of India over 4000 years, seen through an original Indic perspective based on Sri Aurobindo’s research.

According to Sri Aurobindo "In the India of Vedic times we have the record left of the [...] spiritual self-discovery; ... We may say that here in India the reign of Intuition came first, intellectual Mind developing afterwards in the later philosophy and science. [...] If we analyse the spiritual history of India we shall find that after reaching this height there was a descent which attempted to take up each lower degree of the already evolved consciousness and link it to the spiritual at the summit. [...] Our Yoga is in its principle a taking up and summarising and completing of this process, an endeavour to rise to the highest possible supramental level and bring down its consciousness and powers into mind, life and body. (Letters on Yoga - I)

The film traces the descending movement of consciousness across various ages of India all the way to Integral Yoga and the future of India in the world.  

This is the fourth film in the Evolution Fast-forward series on the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo.





Research, Script & Direction

Manoj Pavithran

Visualisation & Motion Graphics Animation

Hemant Shekhar


Music Composition & Sound Design
Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury


Voice Over
Ravi Shankar


Music - Know Your Rhythm team
Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury – Vocal, Tabla, Keyboard, Tanpura
Adam Callejon - Gitar
Basab Sen - Sitar
Bryce Grinlington – Bansuri, Swaramandal
Debiprasad Ghosh - Sarod
Ellora Mukherjee - Esraj
Joel Eisenkramer – Indian Slide Guitar
K Visakhan – Saraswati Veena
Praveen Kumar – Pakhawaj, Shankha, Manjira
Riccardo Misto – Vichitra Veena, Rebab
Sevastiana Korotynskaia – Violin, Viola
Suzanne Sekhon – Cello


Mantra chanting
Arnab Bishnu Chowdhury
Dakshina Chanting Group, Auroville

Made with Grants from

Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER)


Ministry of Culture, Gov. of India

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